He proclaims, “I am an ordinary Bangladeshi, but like every other human being in the Universe, I just took my dreams forward to reality and become the World FC Kickboxing Champion. I am sure that there will be more Bangladeshi Boxing and Kickboxing Champions.”

On 26 May 1996 Ali won the World championship at “The Island” in Ilford, in front of a sell out crowd. This turned out to be one of the most spectacular shows that the Kickboxing World has ever seen and the show was completely sold out. Fans and supporters came from far and included Ali’s personal friend Salman Khan, the Bollywood superstar, who came all the way from India to England especially to see him fight.


Ali Jacko Promotes Professional Boxing.

Against all the odds, after having so many problems with the Bangladesh boxing federation secretary M.A. Quddous Khan, who is totally against bringing any boxers to UK and who made my life hell, even after being falsely accused of human trafficking and extortion, I was determining to show the people of Bangladesh and the west that Bangladeshi boys from Bangladesh can compete in the international sporting arena.

Having backing from a long-time friend Barry Hearns of Matchroom Promotions, I personally decided to bring only one boxer to England instead of the 6 boxers that I initially selected.....


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